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Presenting a totally different concept in electronic data processing: Series 900 EDP System

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This is a four color brochure for the Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation series 900 EDP system. The front cover consists of a grid of varying black and grey colors, with the system logo in red, yellow and black on the bottom half of the cover. On the right hand corner there is stamp that states "RECEIVED SEP 11 1961 L. Wheaton Smith." The front inside cover has a red background with an overview of the beneficial features in an all new EDP system. On the bottom of the page there a diagram that illustrates the computer input and output processing. The following section highlights the exclusive advantages, which include: Simplified Programming; High Processing Speeds; Flexibility รป Direct Transfer of Data; Most Efficient Utilization of Memory; Quick Program Change & Modification; Automatic Control of Input-Output; Business-Orientated Logic. The following section is a four color illustration of the 900 EDP system. The following section includes the subsections; AM magnetic tape file processor; AM tape transport units; AM card readers. Each subsection has a brief description with a color illustration. The following section includes the subsections: AM high speed serial printer and AM high speed line printer. The subsections include a brief description with a color illustration. On the bottom back cover there is a barcode sticker, 102621688.


1961 ca.


Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation

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Other number SP 32-E


6 p.


10 7/8 x 8 3/8 in.

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Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation


Promotional Material


promotional materials; I/O: printer; Digital computer: mainframe; Business applications; Memory: tape; Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation; Series 900 EDP System; I/O: punched card

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