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Yamaha TSUnami hard disk drive

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Identifying Numbers

Other number 18 Hand written on circuit board
Other number 7624NAA Printed in black on circuit board
Serial number 762711521113


overall: 1 in x 5 3/4 in x 8 1/4 in


This disk drive has a clear Plexiglass cover adhered to the front that encloses the disk and the head-arm assembly. The circuit board portion of the drive is not covered. A white paper sticker is adhered to the top right corner of the cover, which reads: "TSUnami E1 Build: YFPTX, 762711521113, ead YAMAHA/Media FUJI/ Motor PMDM/PreAmpTI". This sticker directly overlays one other sticker, scribbling on the bottom sticker is slightly visible through the top sticker. There are nine philips head screws, and one flat head screw holding the body of the drive together. The body is made from billeted metal.
There is a piece of cellophane tape covering a square hole on the right side of the drive, and one covering an elongated hole on the bottom-right corner of the back of the drive. A paper log is attached to the center back of the drive with two pieces of tape, a third piece of tape is extant under the bottom-right corner of the paper log. The log reads" "TS E1 build: 762711521113 YFPTX, YAMAHA FUJI PMDM TI, Date, Test, P/F, Status". A small white paper label at the top-back of the drive reads "762711521113 YFPTX, YAMAHA FUJI PMDM TI". A circular, neon green paper sticker has "SW, USO +, Pat (illegible) hand written in red ink.


Memory: disk


Courtesy of John Levy

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