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overall: 9 1/2 in x 18 in x 6 in


The following is a list of components and their quantity:
ADC0800 8-bit A/D converter (3)
ADC0804 8-BIT uP Comparible AD Converter (5)
ADC0808 8-bit uP A/D Converter 8 CH MultiplexeR (10)
DAC0832 8-BIT uP Compatible Double-Buffer D/A (3)
AD571KD 10-BIT A/D Converter (5)
ADCMC8BC 8-BIT A/D Converter (35)
ICL7107 3 1/2-Digit LED A/D Converter (8)
NE5008N 8-BIT D/A Converter (6)
DS26LS32AC Quad Diff. Line Receiver (4)
AD7225 8-BIT DAC Separate Rep. Input (52)
AM25LS2569 4-BIT up/down counter (21)
25S10 4-BIT Shifter (9)
AM25S09 Quad 2-input register (5)
S2350P Universal Sync Receiver/Transmitter (5)
D3-6402A-9 Uart (13)
DS3649 HEX Tri-state TTL-TO-MOS Driver (7)
CD4518BC Dual Sync. up Counter (10)
AM2802 Shift Register (76)
AM2615 Line Driver/ receiver (101)
MK5089 Dual Tone Generator (14)
HEP 4067 16-CH Multiplexer (24)
3341 (6)
AM9517A-5 DMA Controller (9)
AM2964 dynamic memory controller (10)
19CRT5027-000 Video timer-controller (19)
AM2902A look-ahead carry generator (23)
HM50256P-15 32K X 1-BIT Dynamic Ram (24)
MPS 6522 peripheral interface adapter (5)
D2816 (10)
SY2128-4 (13)
FD2791 floppy disk controller (10)
F 4702BPC program rate generator (drawer could not be opened for inventory)




Gift of Frank Vest

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