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DEC "Has Beens" Baseball Team

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Still Image


1971 ca.


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Other number P862


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


Black and white image of DEC "Has Beens" baseball photograph. There are 12 men and they are all standing side by side with the exception on one unidentified man and Ed Schwartz who stands on the right ride about a foot away from Win Hindle. They all wear white T-shirts marked with the words "Has Beens" with the exception of Ed Schwartz and Fred Gould. People from left: Unknown (wearing a hat and shorts and hand is resting on hip), Nick Mazzarese (wearing shorts and left arm around Larsen), Bob Larsen (wearing dark pants with both arms around larsen and olsen), Ken Olsen (wearing dark pants with one arm over Larsen and the other hand on the head of an unidetified man), Unknown (wearing pants and leaning forward),Pete Kaufmann (wearing a hat and shorts), Bill Hanson (wearing light shorts and standing behind Kaufmann and Olsen), Stan Olsen (wearing dark shorts with both arms behind his back), Ted Johnson (wearing light shorts and standing slightly behind Olsen and Gould), Fred Gould (wearing dark pants and standing slightly behind hindle), Win Hindle (wearing light pants and holding a baseball mit), Ed Schwartz (wearing plad pants and standing a foot away from hindle with his legs spread apart and his right arm in the air)."


Group portrait; Panoramic photograph


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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