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ADAM Colecovision Family Computer System

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Physical object




Coleco Industries, Inc.

Place Manufactured

Amsterdam, N.Y., U.S.

Identifying Numbers

Model number 2410CPU On CPU
Model number 72559 On printer
Other number J0649615 Scratched in bottom of CPU case and printer case
Serial number A5058442 On keyboard
Serial number A5059743 On CPU
Serial number N064031 On printer


in box: 9.75 x 38 x 20 in


Object consists of the original cardboard box; included within are the Memory Console (no cord attached), a printer (with a hard-wired power cord and a hard-wired cord with a 9-pin female plug), keyboard with an attached game controller (removable coiled phone cord attached to the printer, and a hard-wired, coiled cord with a 9-pin female plug attached to the controller), one loose game controller (with a hard-wired, coiled cord with a 9-pin female plug), a TV/antenna/computer connector, and a box of manuals and cassette tapes. Both game controllers have a joystick at the top, a button on both sides, and a 12-key pad with the numbers 0-9, *, and #. The Memory Console has a tape drive on the front left side, and a game cartridge slot at the top, right, front corner.

Manuals include "Adam Word Processing", "Adam Smartwriter Easy Referece Guide", "Adam SmartBasic", "Adam Second Digital Drive Owner's Manual", "Adam Set-up Manual", and an "Apple Barrel" software booklet. Cassette tapes include "SmartBasic" (no case), "Finance Applesoft BASIC P/N A2T0011X" (with case), "Adam Super Game Pack" (with case), and what appear to be two blank tapes (one with case).


Digital computer/personal computer/desktop


Gift of Ralph Delange

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