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MCSA 2 power supply

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There are two main pieces and two auxiliary pieces hardwired to the power supply itself. When sitting on its side the top part of the power supply is a circuit board with three transistors, four transformers, several toroidal coils and various active and passive components mounted on the walls. The lower part of the power supply is enclosed with "300 amp" written in marker on it. There is an external mounted fan on one side. and a vent input on the other side. The two pieces are held together by a blank 19 inch rack panel. Eight connectors attach to a terminal strip on the left end. The other end of those eight wires end with round crimp on lugs. Out of the right side of the supper section there is a three conductor cable next to a terminal strip. The other end of that cable goes into a junction box. On the left side of the bottom unit Three are two pairs of heavy wire, one red and one black, which end in crimp on lugs at the other end. Out of the terminal strip on the bottom section there is a heavy three conductor cable that goes into the junction box mentioned above. There is also a twisted pair of red and white wires also terminating in two crimp on lugs. It connects to the lower section via a Molex connector. The junction box also has a heavy power input cable with three conductors, in addition to a pair of black and white wires. Another black wire extends to a small power supply output, which provides 5 volts and 3 amps. The ground conductor of the power cord is cut off. Another pair of blue and black wires are also attached to the small power supply and terminate in round lugs.


SETI Institute

Place Manufactured

U.S.; Hong Kong

Identifying Numbers

Model number JF15G-2000-40 lower PSU


13 1/2 x 7 x 19 in.


Power source/adapter


Gift of the SETI Institute

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