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Anderson Jacobson Acoustic Data Coupler

Catalog Number



Still Image


1963 ca.


8 x 10 in.

Copyright Holder

Computer History Museum


black and white image of the acoustic data coupler from Anderson Jacobson. The machine is set against a light background. The machine appears to be made of wood on the outside and has a handle. Case is closed and has a label across the top of the case that states "Anderson Jacobson ADC 260". On verso appear two labels. One hs the following information typed :"This photograph ma not be reproduced without written permission of the Photographic Archives of The Computer Museum, Boston, MA". the other label has the following information typed in "Please return to: The COmputer Museum Photographic Archives Museum Wharf 300 Congress Street Boston, MA 02210". Handwritten with pencil on the same label is "Acoustic Data Coupler". On the upper proper right side of image is the number "P287"


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


ADC 260 (Modem); Modems