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Anderson Jacobson Acoustic Data Coupler

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black and white image of the acoustic data coupler from Anderson Jacobson. The machine is set against a light background. The machine appears to be made of wood on the outside and has a handle. Case is open and has a label across the top of the case that states "Anderson Jacobson ADC 260". On verso appear one label. The typed label states "Acoustic Data Coupler/Modem, Anderson Jacobson, This is one of the earliest modems (MOdulator DEModulator). It converts data from a form which is compatible with data processing equipment to a form which is compatible with transmission facilities and visa-versa. (81) Return to the Computer Museum, 300 Congress Street, Boston 02210, Attn: Archives" In pencil on the proper right lower corner appears "acoustic modem". On the upper proper right side of image is the number "P286"


1963 ca.

Identifying Numbers

Other number P286


8 x 10 in.

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Computer History Museum


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


ADC 260 (Modem); Modems