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Ray, Bruce oral history

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Bruce Ray is the president of Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc. Boulder, Colorado. Established in 1971, Wild Hare has ridden different facets of the computer industry -- software products, custom programming, workstations, PCs, minicomputers and midrange systems -- with a master strategy that Ray simply defines as "for Wild Hare to continuing having fun." A self-confessed computerholic since high school in the 1960s, he took a gift for programming and a natural penchant for solution-oriented thinking and tied it to a new generation of companies arriving in the late 1960s -- in particular, one called Data General. Ray and his constantly shifting, ever adapting coterie of programmers danced on the fringes of Data General's own ups and downs over four decades. They often devised systems, enhancements, and networks that outperformed DG, leading to what Ray terms a love-hate relationship. Wild Hare faced the abyss more than once as the computer industry evolved, platforms came and went, and as companies and products were assimilated. The company sometimes shrank to a handful of consultants, but Ray always managed to step back and retrench and in that way personified many of the smaller entrepreneurs of the day.




Hamilton, Denni7s, Editor
Ray, Bruce, Interviewee
Rosenshteyn, Yan, Cameraperson
Walsh, Ian, Interviewer


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, California


29 p.




Ray, Bruce; AOS (Operating System); AOS/VS (Operating System); Living Computer Museum (LCM); Business BASIC; Computer History Museum (CHM); Data General AViiON; Data General Corporation; open systems; Eclipse/MV; eMV; Hare Brain (Workstation); Hare Net (Software); ICOBOL (Computer program language); Data General MV; Independent Software Vendor (ISV); Data General Nova (Computer); Preservationist; RDOS (Real-time Disk Operating System); reNOVAte; TSS (Time Sharing System); Unix operating system; Value Added Reseller (VAR); Virtual machine; VS COBOL; Vulcan; Wicat; Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc.; Workstations

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Oral history collection

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