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SIGGRAPH Video Review: Issue #28/29

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1987-10 ca.


JPL; Norman, Michael; NCSA; Barr, Alan H.; California Institute of Technology; Centrella; Haber; Wilhelmson; JPL. Science Data Systems Group; Pixar; Thinking Machines Corporation; Kent; Fuchs; Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab; Hanson, Andrew J.; SRI International; Hewlett-Packard Company (HP); Zaritsky, Raul; Herr, Laurin; Frost & Sullivan


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). SIGGRAPH

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Deprecated CHM identification number VT 199.89






From tape label (Issue #28): "1. L.A. - The Movie--JPL 2. Instabilities in Supersonic Flows--Norman et al., NCSA 3. CalTech Studies in Modeling and Motion--Barr et al., CalTech 4. Evolution of Structure in the Universe--Centrella, Drexel 5. Dynamic Crack Propagation with Step-Function Stress Loading--Haber et al., NCSA 6. Numeric Simulation of a Thunderstorm Outflow--Wilhelmson et al., NCSA 7. Scientific Visualization--Science Data Systems Group/JPL 8. Poliovirus--Olson et al., Research Institute of Scripps Clinic 9. Inertial Confinement Fusion--Max, Lawrence Livermore National Lab 10. RPI Scientific Visualization--RPI/CICG 11. Rigid Body Dynamics Simulations--Hahn, OSU 12. NASA/CFD Highlights 13. Computational Fluid Dynamics--Winkler et al., Los Alamos National Lab 14. Aerospace Applications of ADAM and Postprocessor--Mechanical Dynamics Inc."

From tape label (Issue #29): "1. Volume Visualization with the Pixar Image Computer 2. Connection Machine Applications--Thinking Machines Corporation 3. Image Processing on PIPE--Kent 4. Pixel-Planes 4 Demonstration Tape--Fuchs et al., UNC 5. Rediscover Engineering--Silicon Graphics 6. Synthetic Holography--MIT Media Lab 7. Cartographic Modeling System--Harson et al., SRI International 8. HP 9000 SRX--Hewlett-Packard Company 9. Video Report on the Computer Graphics Industry--Zaritsky/Herr, Frost & Sullivan Inc."


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