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(2) 3.5" program installation disks [DA234C10880565]
(2) 3.5" Personal Programmer disks
(1) 3.5" Custom Configuration/Data Entry Toolkit disk
License Statement
Borland Et Cetera product guide
Registration Card
(3) Borland advertisement inserts
Product Information envelope
Keyboard guide
Paradox Introduction manual
Paradox User's Guide
PAL User's Guide
Network Administrator's Guide
Personal Programmer Guide
Presenting Data manual
Foam separator


Borland International



System Requirements

IBM: 286, 386, or 486 PC systems or a 100% IBM-compatible PC; Required: 512K, one hard disk and at least on floppy disk drive; Recommended: extended memory, expanded memory, or a math coprocessor; Operating System: DOS 2.0 or higher; ; To use Paradox 3.5 or Paradox Multi-Pack on a local area network, you need one of the following configurations:; - A Novell Advanced NetWare network, version 2.0A or higher; - A 3Com 3+ network, version 1.0 or higher; - 3Com 3+Open network, version 1.0 or higher; - an IBM PC Local Area Network Program, version 1.12 or higher; - an AT&T StarGROUP for DOS version 3.1 or higher; - a Banyan Vines network, version 2.10 or higher; You also need one or more personal computers to serve as workstations. Each workstation must have:; - Required: 640K or more of RAM, any combination of hard and floppy disk drives (including no drives; at all, provided you have access to a network drive); - Recommended: Extended memory, expanded memory, or a math coprocessor; - Operating System: DOS 3.1 or higher


3 1/2 inch floppy disk