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SIGGRAPH Video Review: Issue #49/50

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From program brochure (Issue #49): "1. Mars: The Movie - Betsy A. Hall, JPL 2. Earth: The Movie - Betsy A. Hall, JPL 3. 1988 CFD Highlights - Val Watson, NASA Ames Research Center 4. Visualizing Shuttle Flow Physics and Fluid Dynamics - Gordon Bancroft, NASA Ames Research Center 5. Self-Portrait - Jeff Goldsmith, JPL 6. The Etruscan Venus - George K. Francis, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 7. Numerical Relativity: Black Hole Spacetimes - David Hobill, NCSA 8. The Lorenz Attractor - David Hobill, NCSA 9. Kodak's Supercomputational Science '88 - Lawrence A. Ray, Kodak 10. Hydrogen Diffusion on a Platinum Surface - Lawrence A. Ray, Kodak 11. Double Diffusive Convection: Saltfingering - Larry Rosenblum, Naval Research Laboratory 12. Simulated Treatment of an Ocular Tumor - Wayne Lytle, Cornell National Supercomputer Facility"

From program brochure (Issue #50): "1. Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center '89 - Joel Welling, PSC 2. Interaction of Cosmic Jets with an Intergalactic Medium - T. Todd Elvins, SDSC 3. SDSC Scientific Visualization '88 - Mark Sheddon, SDSC 4. Monte Carlo Simulation of Excited Electrons in GaAs - Dan Brady, NCSA 5. Molecular Diffusion on a Crystal Gold Surface - Dan Brady, NCSA 6. Two-Armed Instability of a Rotating Polytropic Star - Dan Brady, NCSA 7. Large-Scale Structure in the Universe - Dan Brady, NCSA 8. Enzyme Reaction in Triophosphate Isomerase - Dan Brady, NCSA 9. Quantum Molecular Dynamics - Dan Brady, NCSA 10. Cajon Pass Scientific Drilling Project - Dan Brady, NCSA 11. Topology of Coma Supercluster Region - Dan Brady NCSA 12. VIEW: Ames Virtual Environment Workstation - Scott Fisher, NASA Ames Research Center"


1989-07 ca.


Hall, Betsy A.; Watson, Val; Bancroft, Gordon; Goldsmith, Jeff; Francis, George K.; Hobill, David; Ray, Lawrence A.; Rosenblum, Larry; Lytle, Wayne; Welling, Joel; Elvins, T. Todd; Sheddon, Mark; Brady, Dan; Fisher, Scott


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). SIGGRAPH




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