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Storekeeper program Haymarket Exhibit

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This is a black and white photograph of a Storekeeper exhibit. In the photograph, there is a HP display monitor with a keypad in front of it. There are "hands" which extend from either side of the monitor. There is a Boston Celtics basketball team hat on the monitor. The monitor is set on top of astroturf on wooden crates. There are wooden crates on the left and right of the monitor. Inside on crate on the right appears to be two empty strawberry baskets. There is a dark background behind. The monitor reads "RULE-BASED STOREKEEPERS In this exhibit, you can bargain with three 'computer storekeepers. Each storekeeper's behavior is determined by a set of rules, such as those on the wall. One storekeeper only uses 10 rules, which another uses more than 100 rules. The more rules a storekeeper has, the more sophisticated its behavior can be. Press any key to continue." On the back, there appears to be a plan for the photograph to be altered, with some percentages and measurements that are written backwards. There is a sheet of tracing paper affixed to the back of the photograph, on which these values are recorded. On the verso of the photograph if one peels away the tissue paper slightly, the word "Haymarket" written in pencil can be seen.


1987 ca.

Place of Publication

Boston, MA, US


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


Publicity photograph; Identification photograph


Storekeeper Exhibit


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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