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Weather by computer: A report from Control Data Corporation

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This is a three-hole punched, three color blue, black and white brochure for the Control Data Corporation Weather by computer. The front cover has a blue tinted photograph of a submarine surfacing in the ocean. The title is on the bottom center of the cover. The inside front cover lists the photo credits on the bottom left corner. There is an illustration of a map of the northern hemisphere that overlaps onto the next page, which consists of tissue paper. The following section is an introduction to the weather forecasting. Following that section is a black and white photograph of a man sitting in front of a computer console. The following page is an overview of the Fleet Numerical Weather Facility, which was established in Monterey in February 1961. Included on this page is a black and white photograph of Commander Paul M. Wolff and Captain S. W. Betts in front of the 1604 computer. There is also another black and white photograph of the 1604 computer with a man sitting at the console. The following page has a black and white photograph of the Naval Postgraduate School campus. The following page has a numerical print out of a "depth of mixed layer" forecast by the FNWF computer system. The following page is a description of how the forecasting is done by the computer. The following page is a continuation of the description and there are 4 black and white photos along the left margin. The first photograph is of a one of the eight magnetic core memory "stacks." The second photograph is of a man comparing computer draw weather maps to transmitted hand drawn maps. The third photograph is of Commander Ted Hesse pointed out a hurricane on a "surface analysis" chart. The fourth photograph is of a map used for storm forecasting. The following page is a description of the future of weather forecasting programs, which center around the three words: develop, improve, disseminate. The following page is a diagram of the Control Data computer system at Navy's FNWF in Monterey, California. The inside back cover has a black and white illustration of a naval boat.




United States. Naval Institute
United States. Navy


Control Data Corporation (CDC)

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Other number BR7A


13 p.


11 in. x 8 1/2 in.

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Control Data Corporation (CDC)


Promotional Material


promotional materials; Control Data 1604 (computer); Weather Forecasting; Military/Aerospace applications; Control Data Corporation (CDC); Control Data 160-A (computer); Software

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