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The Expanding World of TRS-80

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The brochure introduces the TRS-80 Model I and Model II computer systems as the "standard small computer" with the Model II having twice the speed and memory storage of Model I. The brochure is printed in full color and is designed as a catalog of products for the TRS-80 microcomputer system. Information about each product is provided through detailed descriptions including specifications, commands, color photographs of the products and of people working on the products, lists showing comparisons between hardware and software accessories including furniture and differences in prices. The front cover shows a full page, color photograph of the TRS-80 computers with a giant globe of the earth showing North and South America and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. The back cover shows a night time photograph of a Radio Shack Computer Center shop. The company logo is on the front and back covers. Text contents include: We take the mystery out of computers...; What the expanding world of TRS-80 is about...; over 100,000 owners know TRS-80's benefits; TRS-80 system selection guide; TRS-80 Model I and Model II specifications; The TRS-80 Model I micro computer system for business, education or personal use; Choose from two versions of BASIC language; TRS-80 Model I accessories you will want; The keys to a more powerful TRS-80; Desks and communications for your TRS-80; TRS-80 mini-disk system--fast, efficient mass storage; Powerful disk BASIC and TRSDOS operating systems; TRS-80 library of ready-to-run software; Our most popular TRS-80 systems; TRS-80 line printers for every application...including demanding business jobs; Model II--an exciting new member of the TRS-80 family!; Level III BASIC and TRSDOS disk operating system; Accessories and software to enhance your Model II; Choose the computer that fits your needs; Radio Shack has what it takes to be your small-computer company.




Tandy Radio Shack Corporation (TRS)

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Other number RSC-3


22 p.


10 3/4 x 8 1/2 in.

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Radio Shack


Promotional Material


BASIC (Software); Personal applications; FORTRAN (Software); Tandy Corporation; TRS-80 Model II (Computer); Educational applications; TRS-80 Model I (Computer); Software; Business applications; Digital computer : personal; promotional materials; Radio Shack

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