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System Central Data Operations for Advanced Management

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The brochure introduces the 3301 Realcom computer as an upgrade on the 301 Realcom. The brochure is printed in silver and orange on white glossy paper and is hole punched across the top for placement in a 3-ring binder. The front and back covers have silver backgrounds, as do the inside pages of the front and back. The front cover shows a full page, black and white photograph of people working on the 3301 Realcom computer as a reflection in large white blocks. The back cover gives the company logo and addresses. The inside pages are 2 1/2 in. narrower than the brochure's jacket. Throughout the inside pages, black and white photographs show people working on the 3301 Realcom, some as close ups of hands demonstrating how the computer works, others as full page photographs of the 3301 in office settings, and industrial applications for the 3301. A double-page, labeled photograph shows the 3300 as the command and control system set up throughout a factory, Text contents include: Business administration of the today; New management criteria for EDP; 6 features for systems central versatility at work; Functional modularity/a new needs-responsive growth concept; All-purpose adaptability...for total corporate computer needs; Real-time data utilization...when and where needed...Composite "command and control' business system; Some facts and figures.




RCA Corporation

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Other number 8033001


18 p.


9 1/4 x 11 1/2 in.

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Radio Corporation of America (RCA)


Promotional Material


FORTRAN II (Software); Digital computer: mainframe; Fortran IV (Software); Business applications; COBOL (Software); 3301 Realcom (Computer); Software; promotional materials; Radio Corporation of America (RCA)

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