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IBM 701 electronic processing machine

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Still Image


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Identifying Numbers

Other number 1260
Other number 15790
Other number NOS-81


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


This is a black and white image of five men working in a large room with the IBM 701 computer and other associated equipment. Three men in the far background are sitting upstairs in a glass room. The man on the right side of the image is looking down at the printer output station. The man on the left is sitting down reading. All the men are facing away from the camera. Light is coming from the floor and ceilings. Written on the white sheet that is taped to the verso side of image is "Composed of eleven compact and connected units, the IBM 701 Electronic Processing Machine was the first calculator of comparable capacity to be produced in quantity. Using three of the more advanced electronic storage or memory devices -- cathode ray tubes, magnetic drums and magnetic tapes -- the calculator can multiply and divide more than 2,000 times a second and can add and subtract more than 16,000 times a second. While solving a typical problem, it is capable of performing 14,000 mathematical operations a second. In the center of the installation shown here is the Electronic Analytical Control Unit, and at its right is a card reader. On the left are Magnetic Drum Storage Unit and Electrostatic Storage Unit. In the group at the right are two Magnetic Tape Readers and Recorders, the Alphabetical and Numerical Printer and the Card Punch. Two Power Supply Units are not visible.". Stamped on verso side of image is "IBM ARCHIVES" and written in black pen is "NOS-81 IBM '701'". Written in pencil on verso side is "15790" and "#1260". Written on front side of image at the bottom right corner is "15790".


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM); International Business Machines Corporation--History; IBM 701 (Computer)


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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