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HX-20 portable computer

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Identifying Numbers

Model number HX-20
Serial number 016487


overall: 8 x 17 x 12 in


Object comprises many parts, all packed in blue vinyl carrying case: a small portable computer with integral LCD screen, keyboard, and micro-cassette drive with an "expansion unit" box attached with brackets and screws to the left side (these brackets and screws appear to be user-added not factory parts). An empty plastic card-envelope is glued to the top of the expansion unit. A foil address label "Robert J. Hennessey/228 Hunting Road/Needham, MA 02194" is attached to the top left of the computer.. AC adapter "Continuous Power Supply For HX20 Computer". AC adapter "EPSON AC ADAPTER Model HOOAAA". Ribbon cable bearing user label "HX-20/PARALLEL TO CGP-115". Data cable male DB-25 to male 8-pin round. Ribbon cable stamped 5T. Beige metal expansion box, no labelling whatever, 1 x 7 x 3 in.. Data cable, male 8-pin round to male 4-pin round. Beige plastic box apparently empty, 1 x 2 x 4 in.. 3, 4-pack plastic boxes of Panasonic micro-cassete tapes (one tape missing for a total of eleven tapes in 3 boxes). Cable to external cassette tape: single cable that breaks out to red, black, and white mono male miniplug at each end. Plastic box labelled RADIO SHACK containing twelve micro-cassette tapes in individual boxes. A total of six Epson printer ribbon cartridges in blister-packs (stamped 30318 on back of each).


Digital computer/portable / luggable