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dBASE IV Developers Edition

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Ashton-Tate Corporation


1.0 Dev Edition

System Requirements

System Requirements; Single User Mode:; CPU Requirements:; IBM PC/XT/AT and 100% compatibles; IBM Personal System/2 Models 30/50/60/70 and 80; Compaq Portable II, III DESKPRO 286/386; Operating System Requirements:; PC-DOS or MS-DOS Version 2.0 through 4.0 and 100% compatibles; RAM Requirements:; 640KB system required; dBASE IV and its applications will use 516KB; Disk Storage Requirements:; One 5 1/4" 360KB minimum capacity floppy disk drive and a fixed disk drive or;; One 3 1/2" 720KB minimum capacity diskette drive and a fixed disk drive; Display Requirements:; Monocrome or color graphics(CGA,EGA or VGA); Printer Requirements (optional); Any Printer with at least 80 columns; Multi-User Mode Requirements:; This package supports both single and multi-user operation of dBASE IV. Multi-user mode also supports diskless workstations; Operating System Requirements:; Novell SFT NetWare/286 TTS Version 2.10; 3Com 3+ Share Software Version 1.3.1; IBM PC LAN Program Version 1.2 or later including Token Ring (NETBIOS Version 1.0 or later); Ungermann-Bass Net/One PC Version 16.0 or 100% compatibles; RAM Requirements:; Most network installations will require 640KB. Some may require additional memory. See your authorized Ashton-Tate dealer for details.; Disk Storage Requirements(Server):; The server or one workstation onto the network must have at least one 5 1/4 360KB minimum capacity floppy disk drive or one 3 1/2 720KB minimum capacity diskette drive; The server must have one fixed disk drive


5 1/4 inch floppy disk


application:data-manager:database; application:development


Gift of Brian Roth

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