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IBM Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator

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Black and white drawing of IBM SSEC. Shows the calculator on a raised platform. To the left are rows of componet cabinets with a man at the rear. At the far rear are three large identical sections with large reels feeding throgh loops. To the right are large cabinets with componets showing with a man standing at the middle. In the middle of the room are several devices with a woman sitting at the last one in the rear. Caption: " The IBM Selective Sequence Calculator. Diagram at left identifies and locates major units," Below left paragraph: "This machine will assist the scientist in institutions iof learning, in government, and in industry to explore the consequences of man's thought to the outermost reaches of time, space and physical conditions. signed Jho J Watson" Note 1: This is the famous photograph of the IBM Selective Sequence Calculator (circa 1948) with the building support column in the middle of the room airbrushed out." Note 2: "The Selectric Sequence Electronic Calculator became the IBM 701." Note 3: "This aritifact is from the world famous Fred Gruenberger Archives." Verso: IBM SSEC in pencil X2279.2002 in pencil


8 x 10 in.


Photograph of a Drawing


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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