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AutoCAD 386 Release 11

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AutoCAD Reference Manual
Advanced Modeling Extension Reference Manual
AutoLISP Programmer's Reference
Installation and Performance Guide
AutoCAD Development System Programmer's Reference
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AutoCAD Release 11 IGES Interface Specifications
AutoCAD 386 Release 11 Pre-Release README.DOC


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Release 11

System Requirements

Essential Hardware and Software; Compaq Deskpro 386, 386SX, IBM PS/2 models 70, 80, Hewlett-Packard 386 Systems, or a true 386 compatible (80386 CPU must be step B0 or higher). The 80486 is supported as well, since it is 80386 compatible.; 80287 or 80387 math coprocessor. On the 80486, the 80387 coprocessor is an integral part of the chip; Two megabytes of random-access memory(RAM). One megabyte contains the 640K of conventional memory. The second megabyte must be available as extended memory soly for AutoCAD 386. If you plan to work on large drawings, more memory will aid performance. We recommend 4 megabytes.; A hard disk with at least 20-megabyte capacity.; A 1.2-megabyte, 5 1/4 inch floppy drive or a 720K, 3 1/2 inch floppy drive.; DOS operating system, Version 3.3 or later; A video display an adapter; Digitizing tablet or mouse; Plotter; Printer plotter; Asynchronous communications adapter; Parallel Hardware Lock; Parallel port