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HITAC 10: High Performance Mini Computer

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This is a four color brochure of the Hitachi, Ltd. HITAC 10 minicomputer. The front cover has a picture of a HITAC 10 on a silver pedestal against a blue sky. The top of the front cover has the title and the company logo on the top left corner. Underneath the title there is a date stamp, "NOV 25 1969." On the inside front cover there is a black and white photograph of a woman leaning against the HITAC 10, which is on a pedestal. Next to the computer is a teletype consol. The first part is an introduction of the computer. Following are a description of the features. Subsections include General; Input/Output; Software. Following are technical specifications of the computer. Following is a description of the software. Subsections include Assembler (ASSY); MACRO Assembler; FORTRAN; FAP (Floating Arithmetic Package); Subroutine; Debugging Utility; EHS (Extended Hardware Interpreter System); Calculator. Following is a description of optional features and controllers. Subsections include H-P1610-11 Extended Instruction Feature; H-P1610-2 Basic Expansion Feature; H-P1610-21 Memory Expansion Feature; H-P1610-23 Power Failure Feature; H-P1610-25 Tape Reader Controller; H-P1610-26 Tape Punch Controller. Following is a description of peripherals, which include H-8226-2 Tape Reader; H-8227-2 Tape Punch; H-1613-1 On-line Analog Data Processor; H-16131-2 On-line Analog Data Processor; H-1613-3 On-line analog Data Processor; H-1613-4 On-line Analog Data Processor. Following is a physical specification. Following is a list of instructions. The inside back cover has a green tinted photograph of the HITAC 10.




Hitachi, Ltd.

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Other number CC-E020


6 p.


11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Hitachi, Ltd.


Promotional Material


promotional materials; Hitachi, Ltd.; FORTRAN (Software); Software; Scientific applications; Business applications; Digital computer: minicomputer

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