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H-330 Real-Time Computer

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Hughes Aircraft Company. Ground Systems Group.

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Other number C2-38
Other number MA 62-16-10


11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Hughes Aircraft Company. Ground Systems Group.


This is a blue, black and white fold-out brochure for the Hughes H-330 computer. The front cover has a three dimensional illustration of half a sphere with various geometric notations dividing the sphere and measuring the angles. The cover also has next to the sphere various mathematical equations; they are to look like they are hand written. The cover is grey with a lightly shaded blue rectangle on the left side. There is a Hughes Aircraft Company, Ground Systems logo on the bottom center of the front cover. The first part is an introduction to the H-330 and a list of features. Following is the system organization, with the subsections Memory; Buffered Input-Output; Software Packages; Program Interrupts; and Real-Time Clock. This section includes a system diagram and a chart of computation speeds. Following is a list of H-330 order codes with descriptions. Also there is diagram for instruction formats and data formats. Following is the support services provided, Systems Analysis, Programming Support, Maintenance Support, Quality Assurance, Reliability and Maintainability, Training. The back cover has a list of Application, with special attention to Hughes Tactical Air Weapons Control System (TAWCS). There is also a diagram of the software's process. The back cover also has a list of physical characteristics and on the bottom is contact information. An insert is included in the brochure titled "ERRATA." There are four sections: Computation Speeds; H-330 Order Code; Mnemonics; and Instruction Formats. For the computation speeds there is an updated chart, for the H-330 order code added, changed, and unused codes are listed. For the Mnemonics section there is an updated list. The Instruction formats have a hand drawn layout.


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Military/Aerospace applications; Hughes Aircraft Company. Ground Systems Group.; Scientific applications; promotional materials; Fixed-application digital computer: military / aerospace; H-330 (Computer)

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