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Control Data 7600 Computer System: Preliminary System Description

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Control Data Corporation (CDC)

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Other number 60258400


11 p.


11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Control Data Corporation (CDC)


A black and white brochure for the Control Data 7600 computer system. The cover is made of red paper and has a circular white star design over the heading "Control Data 7600 Computer System: Preliminary System Description." The business card of Zellars C. West, a sales representative for CDC, is stapled to the front cover. The brochure is a description of the 7600 system. The 7600 system parameters and system communication are explained on page 3. Information about the system monitor, object program, central processing unit (CPU), computation section, and instruction word stack are included on pages 4 and 5. Charts of the 7600 system communication and the CPU computation section are also featured on these pages. On pages 6 and 7, there is information concerning the functional units, storage field protection, program branching, and exchange jump. A figure of the CPU exchange package is included on page 7. Figures of the I/O section exchange packages in SCM and the I/O section buffer areas in SCM are included with explanations of the program breakpoint, error exits, CPU input-output, real time clock, real time interrupt, external interrupt, and the system dead start. A detailed explanation of the system operation and its peripherals is featured on pages 10 through 12. A black and white photograph of two men standing in front of the 7600 is featured on page 2. Technical specifications are included.


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Scientific applications; promotional materials; Control Data 6600 (Computer); Control Data 7600 (Computer); COBOL (Software); COMPASS (Software); Digital computer: supercomputer; Software; Control Data Corporation (CDC); Scientific applications; FORTRAN (Software)

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