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GE 235 computer brochure

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General Electric Company (GE)

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Other number CPB-235B-1
Other number CPB-260


6 p.


11 x 8.5 in.

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General Electric Company (GE)


This is a black, white and green brochure for General Electric GE-235. The front cover has a black and white photo of the GE-235 and on the top portion is the title of the brochure. On the bottom right corner of the brochure there is a General Electric logo. Black and white photos are scattered throughout the brochure, some photos have a green tint. The first part of the brochure is a general introduction to the computers in GE's "The Compatibles" series, with the GE-235 joining the series. Following is a general description of the GE-235. Following is a technical specification of the GE-235 system; some specifications are illustrated with small graphics. Following is a description of the services provided by General Electric: System Analysis, Training and Programming Systems, Service/Maintenance, Continuing Support. Under Programming Systems, General Electric provides a list of programs for the GE-235, GECOM (General Compiler), FORTRAN, ZOOM, WIZ, Card Program Generator, Sort/Merge Generator, BANKPAC, TRIM, MATHPAC. The brochure ends with a "Food for Thought" section where it elaborates on the fiscal benefits of the GE-235 and "The Compatibles." There are two inserts in the brochure. One is a postcard to request additional marketing literature and/or to express interest in General Electric computers. The other insert is an Addendum that lists additional marketing literature that has become available since the publication of the brochure, the document number for the Addendum is CPB-235B-1.


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Business applications; General Electric Co. (GE); Digital computer: mainframe; promotional materials; GE-235 (computer); Time-sharing computer systems.; Seven dwarfs; IBM; Dartmouth time-sharing; DTSS

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