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SEL 810A General Purpose Computer

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Systems Engineering Laboratories (SEL)

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Other number 9032C


10 p.


11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Systems Engineering Laboratories (SEL)


This is a black and white brochure for System Engineering Laboratories SEL 810A computer. On the front cover there is a black and white photograph of a woman sitting on a chair with a note pad, and one hand is on the teletype console. Next to her is a SEL 810A computer cabinet. The company name is on the top right corner of the cover. There is a date stamp, "APR 4 1968," underneath the company name. The front inside cover has a list of features of the SEL 810A. The first part is an introduction of the SEL 8910A. Following is a description of the computer organization, which describes the hardware features. Following is a physical description, which includes a black and white photograph of the 810A computer cabinet. Following is a functional description, which includes a diagram of input/output system. Following is a description of the Word Formats, and are outlined in a diagram. Following is an instruction list for the SEL 810A. Following is a description of the operator control panels, as well as a list of control panel functions. Included is a black and white photograph of the panel. Following is a description of the Programming Support. Subsections include MNEMBLER; FORTRAN IV; Sub-routine Library; Utility Routines; Diagnostic Programs, Applications Programming. Following is a description about Customer Service, which includes the subsections Field Maintenance; Documentation; Maintenance and Programming Training. Following is a list of peripheral equipment. On the inside back cover there are technical specifications for the SEL 810A.


Promotional Material


I/O: display; promotional materials; Digital computer; Fortran IV (Software); Component: cabinet; Fixed-application digital computer; I/O: console / panel; I/O: punched card; I/O: plotter; I/O: terminal / Teletype; Memory: core; Software; I/O: printer; I/O: paper tape; SEL 810A (Computer); Systems Engineering Laboratories (U.S.)


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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