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GE-115 system software

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This is a green, black and white brochure for the General Electric (GE) GE-115 system software. On the front cover, the top quarter is white, with the title and GE logo boxed in. There is a date stamp, "NOV 14 1967," on the cover to the right of the title. The rest of the cover is green. There is an illustration of tape reels and punch cards on the bottom right corner. Underneath the illustration there is a GE logo. There are black and white illustrations scattered throughout the brochure. The first part is a list of benefits of the software. Subsections include Comprehensive; User Orientated; Easy-To-Learn; Easy-To-Use; Highly Efficient; Quality Controlled; Thoroughly Documented. Following is a description of the components. Subsections include Assembly Programming systems; Logic Generating Languages; Common Business-Oriented Language; Input/Output systems; Operating systems; Sort/Merge Generators; General Routines; Application Packages; Utility Programs; Data Communications Software. Following is a description of the assembly programming systems. Subsections include Basic APS and Extended APS. Following is a description of logic generating languages, which are Logel1; Logel2; Logel3. Following is a description of Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL). Following is a description of Input/Output control systems. Subsections include Basic IOS and Extended IOS. Following are a list of advantages and functions of the operating systems. Following is a list of functions of the sort/merge generator. Following is a description of general routines and subroutines. Subsections are Card Systems; Card Systems with Tape Handlers; Disc Systems. Following is a description of the Utility Programs. Following is a description of application packages, which include MANCON (Management Control System); SIMTAB; Critical Path Method; and Matrix Inversion. Following is a description of the data communication packages.




General Electric Company (GE)

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Other number CPB-538
Other number GEA-8600


18 p.


11 x 8 1/2 in.

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General Electric Company (GE)


Promotional Material


promotional materials; LOGEL (Software); COBOL (Software); Software; Digital computer: minicomputer; GE-115 system software (Software); General Electric Company (GE); Business applications


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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