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The Univac Data Communications System

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Sperry Rand Corporation. Univac Data Processing Division

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Sperry Rand Corporation


This is a blue, black and white brochure for the Univac Data Communication System. The cover has blue background with a map of the United States. On the center towards the bottom there is a compass and in the center there is a white oval that has an illustration of a computer system. On the bottom center there is a logo for the Remington Rand Univac. The inside front cover states the source of the images are from a film strip and on the upper left corner there is a stamp of "Donald G. McBrien." The first part is the title page that has the same graphic as the cover without the background and is in black and white. There are black, white and blue illustrations scattered throughout the brochure. The first part of the brochure is the introduction of the data communication problem. Following is an example of a decentralized organization making a sale. The subsections are A Decentralized Organization and A Sale is Made. Following is an illustration of the same sale using the Univac Data Communication System. The subsections are Punched Paper Tape û A By-Product of Local Processing; The Remington Electronic Synchro-Tape Typewrite; The Remington Rand Punched-Card-to-Paper Tape Converter; The Paper Tape Transmitter; Over Communications Lines; Developing a Shipping Order; Readying the Shipment for Delivery; Preparing the Invoice; Dual Address Transmission; Way-Lines; The "Hub" System and The Trunking System. Following there is an illustration of a solution for a trunking problem for an organization with four regional offices. The subsections are The Univac Paper Tape-to-Magnetic Tape Converter; The Univac Magnetic Tape-to Magnetic Tape Transrecorder; and The Trunking Problem Solved with Room for Expansion. Following is an illustration of Evening Data Transmission for Economy. The subsections are Receiving Data in Detroit; The Univac Data Automation System Available to Every Operating Unit; Action Feedback; Back to Denver; Univac Magnetic Tape-to-Paper Tape Converter; To the Operating Levels; A Production Order to Seattle; Due Dates to Salt Lake City and San Francisco; Flexible Conversion; and The Remington Rand Tape-to-Card Converter. Following is a summary of how using the Univac Data Communication System has reduced the hours from 96 hours to one day to process a sales order. Following is a User Benefit of the Univac Data Communications System. Following is a selected bibliography. On the inside back cover are photos of the Univac computers.


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Business applications; Digital computer: mainframe; promotional materials; I/O: other; Univac Data Communications Systems (Computer); Sperry Rand Corporation. Univac Data Processing Division

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