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Control Data 160-A Computer

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This is an orange, black and white brochure for Control Data 160-A Computer. The brochure is three hole punched. The cover is a black and white photograph of three men using the computer. In the photograph one man is at the console, while another is at the tape transport, and another is stacking the reels of tape. The first part is an introduction of the computer. Following is a summary of features. The next section is a description of applications. The subsections are Real-Time Applications, Off-Line Conversion, General Data Processing, Data Acquisition and Reduction, Peripheral Processing, Scientific Computing with FORTRAN, Civil Engineering Problems, Biomedical Experimentation and Analysis, Communications and Telemetry. Following is the description of the 106-A operation. The subsections are Buffered Input/Output, Magnetic Core Memory, External Multiply-Divide Unit, Interrupt. There are three diagrams with this section. The first diagram, Fig. 1, shows the Buffered I/O. The second diagram, Fig. 2, shows the optional external memory used with two computers. The third diagram, fig. 3, shows when INTERRUPT Occurs, Control and Return Address Automatically Transferred to Fixed Memory location. Following is a description of the control panel, which consists of a display panel and a switch panel. The there is a description of the instruction word format. Following is a description of Addressing Modes. The subsections are No Address mode-N, Direct Address mode-D, Indirect Address Mode-I, Relative Forward Address Mode-F, Relative Backward Address Mode ûB, Specific Address Mode-S, Memory Address Mode-M, Constant Address Mode-C. In this section there is a black and white photograph of two men, one sitting at the console and the other is at a tape transport. Following is a section on the description of registers. The subsections are Operational Register, Transient Registers. Following is the description of programming systems, which are OSAS-A, SICOM, AUTOCOMM, INTERFOR, 160-A FORTRAN. Following is a list of black and white photographs with descriptions of the components to the computer. Following is the instruction list for the computer.




Control Data Corporation (CDC)

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Other number 55-0091


10 p.


11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Control Data Corporation (CDC)


Promotional Material


Business applications; SICOM (Software); AUTOCOMM (Software); FORTRAN (Software); OSAS-A (Software); INTERFOR (Software); I/O: plotter; Digital computer: mainframe; I/O: punched card; I/O: terminal / Teletype; Memory: tape; Software; I/O: console / panel; promotional materials; Fixed-application digital computer; Scientific applications; Control Data Corporation

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