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The UNIVAC 494 real-time system operation big time in real-time

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This is a blue, black and white brochure for the UNIVAC 494 Real-Time System. The cover has an illustration of a factory; the outline is in black and then filled in with blue. On the lower right quadrant there is a white out line of to arrows that create a circle. The whole brochure has two hole-punches on the top. The inside front cover has a
n illustration of a worker and a big machine, shaded in blue. There is a small black and white photograph of a man looking at a paper on top of the illustration. Following is the title page, with a continuation of the blue illustration. The title is towards the bottom of the page in center, and the arrow logo is to the left of the title in black. Following is an introduction to the UNIVAC 494, emphasizing the new real-time functionality and the need for real0time data processing. Following is a page in blue with many half circle arrows that are piled on top of one another on the lower right corner of the page. In bold white lettering it says "THE EVOLUTION OF REAL-TIME PROCESSING." Following is the section named Batch Processing. In this section there is a detailed description of the batch processing, a process necessary before on-line communications. Batch processing required a physical transfer, and then there is a review of the evolution of different forms of data transmission, from punched tap to semi-automatic electrical data communication. Following is the section named UNIVAC Real-Time Processing. In this section they describe the real0tuime system and its advantages. Included in this section is a subsection called "A FOUR WAY COMBINATION," which elaborates on the Univac total systems concept. Following is a black and white hand drawn illustration of the Univac 494 system. The system is painted blue. There is man in the center sitting at the console. There are two men to the left of him, looking over a clipboard. On the top there is a second level with people in a conference room. Following are five black white photographs. The whole page, including the photographs, has a blue background, except the center photograph, which is black and white. There is a photograph of a factory on the top left corner. There is a photograph is of an astronaut on the top right corner. There is a photograph of a steel factory with workers on the bottom right corner. There is a photograph of a line of workers in front of a machine on the bottom left corner. The center photograph is of the UNIVAC console. Following is a section called general description. Following is a section called growth capacity, with the logo filled in blue to the right of the text. Following is a section that lists the technical specifications of the computer components, including black and white photographs of the components. The first subsection is a description of the processor. The next subsection is The subsystems, which include FH 432 Magnetic Drum Subsystem; FH 880 Magnetic Drum Subsystem; Modular Fastrand Mass Storage Subsystem; Fastrand IA Mass Storage Subsystem; Fastrand II Mass Storage Subsystem; Uniservo VI C Magnetic Tape Subsystem; Uniserv VIII C Magnetic Tape Subsystem; 600/900 CPM Reader; 300 CPM Punch; 700/922 LPM Printer; Paper Tape Subsystem; Communications Terminal Module Controller, Data Communications Terminal. The next subsection is the UNIVAC 1004 Processor, which includes the following options; Card Punch; Card Read-Punch; Auxiliary Card Reader; Magnetic Tape Unit; Paper Tape Reader; Paper Tape Punch; Remote Devices. Following is a description the software package, subsections include The Spurt Assembly Language; The SPURT Language Processor; Real-Time Executive System; The COBOL English Language Compiler; Fortran IV Mathematic Compiler; Soft-Merge Packages; Utility Routines. The inside back cover includes a blue and white illustration of an astronaut with the Univac logo.




Sperry Rand Corporation

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Other number U 4604


16 p.


8 1/8 x 9 1/2 in.

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Sperry Rand Corporation


Promotional Material


Fixed-application digital computer: industrial; SPURT (Software); FORTRAN (Software); Scientific applications; COBOL (Software); Business applications; I/O: paper tape; Digital computer: mainframe; I/O: punched card; I/O: console / panel; Software; promotional materials; UNIVAC 494 (Computer); Sperry Rand Corporation


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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