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A New Way to a Sounder N/C Investment

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This is a blue, black and white brochure for General Electric N/C (numerical control). The front cover is made of a tan stock paper, and has the title printed partially in blue, with the word "N/C" in hollow, black and white type. There is a thin, black line around the cover, about + in. from the edge. The General Electric logo is on the bottom center. Blue tinted, black and white photographs scattered throughout the brochure. The first part is about how to evaluate numerical control. Following is a series of forty-one questions and answers that one should ask in evaluating numerical control. The first set of questions and answers are about performance and the questions are, "Does the control use the latest digital techniques?," "Does the system accept input commands to 0.00001 inch?," "Is this a closed-loop servo system?," "Has the control system builder engineered the servo drives to get maximum performance from the machine?," "Is the tape reader adequate for the application?" Following is a set of questions and answers about reliability. The questions are, "Has this control and servo system previously been applied to this particular machine type?," "How much experience does the control manufacturer have?," "Is the control industrially rugged?," "Do the operators' devices used throughout the control meet industrial quality?," "Is the cabinet sealed from normal shop contamination?," "Is the logic circuitry completely solid state?," "Are printed circuit boards used throughout?," "Is the printed circuit board made of the most stable material?," "Are circuit boards adequately supported?," Do board connectors establish positive contact?," "Are wire wrapped connection techniques employed?" Following is a set of questions and answers about application flexibility. The questions are "How wide a choice of machine types and makes is available with this control?," "Does it meet NMTBA standards?," "Is the input tape standard EIA?," "Does input data require special processing?," "Is the input media compatible with expected future requirements?" Following is a set of questions and answers about maintenance. The questions are "Is the control system arranged for easy access to all areas for maintenance?," "Is the standard input form of binary coded decimal numbering (BCD) used in the computing portion of the control?," "Are check tapes provided for automatically checking the control circuitry?," "Can numbers in the logic circuit boards be easily read directly from the boards by maintenance personnel?," "Are cables plug-in type for easier installation wiring?" Following is a set of questions and answers about service. The questions are, "How many different types of circuit boards reused in the control?," "Does the control system manufacturer have a regularly schedule maintenance training school for your people?," "Does the control manufacturer provide local service?," "If you do not have a qualified N/C maintenance technician. Does the control builder offer a maintenance contract?," "Are complete diagrams and adequate service manuals available?," "Are spare parts readily available?". Following is a set of questions and answers about computer software. The questions are "Is an APT postprocessor available?," "Is the postprocessor compatible with the latest version of APT?," "Is the postprocessor modularized for universal application?," "Has the postprocessor been field tested and proven?," "Is complete documentation available?," "How does the post processor affect the cost of computer programming?," "Does the postprocessor have self-checking routines?," "Are other computer programs and postprocessors available?".




General Electric Company (GE)

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Other number GED-5311


18 p.


11 x 6 in.

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General Electric Company (GE)


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Business applications; PRONTO (Software); Mark Century; APT (Software); I/O: other; promotional materials; FORTRAN (Software); ADAPT (Software); General Electric Company (GE); Numerical Control (N/C)


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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