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The All-New Computer for the New Computer Age VARIAN 73

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This is a three color brochure with orange pages in the interior. The cover has a black and white illustrated graphic with a small illustration of the Varian Data Machine under the title. Black and white photos are scattered throughout the brochure. The first part of the brochure is an introduction of the Varian 73. Following is description of the user-accessible Microprogramming. Subsections are Processor Microprogram; User-Written Microprogram; Sixteen General-Purpose Register; and Dual Memory Buses. A system diagram is included. Following is a description of the new dimensions to the architecture of the computer memory systems. Subsections include Core Memories; MOS memories; Dual Ports; Memory Mapping; Memory Protect; and Memory Parity. A diagram of the Single and Dual Processor system is included. Following is a description of the various Input/Output (I/O) techniques, which are Priority Interrupt Structure, Programmed I/O, Direct Memory Access (DMA) I/O, High-Speed DMA, and Priority Memory Access (PMA) I/O. Following is a description of the Varian 73 peripherals. Following is a description of the operating systems, which are the BORTEX and Varian MOS (master Operating System). Following is a description of the system software. Subsections include DAS Assemblers, FORTRAN IV, BASIC, Extended BASIC, RPG IV, BEST, Utility Programs, BLD II, AID II, EDIT, MAINTAIN II, Math Library. Following is a description of the various packaging concepts. Following is the Varian 73 technical specifications. On the inside back cover Varian 73 Assembler Instructions. Back Cover has list of sales offices for Varian Data Machines.




Varian Data Machines

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Other number LT-123-6/72-25


14 p.


11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Varian Data Machines


Promotional Material


Fortran IV (Software); Varian Data Machines; BASIC (Software); promotional materials; Scientific applications; Varian 73 (Computer); Digital computer: minicomputer


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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