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VS III Voice Synthesizer

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Federal Screw Works

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12 x 8 1/2 in.

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Federal Screw Works


The brochure features the VS III Voice Synthesizer as a small, inexpensive system capable of synthesizing human speech with an unlimited vocabulary. The brochure is printed in brown and blue on tan paper. The front cover shows a stylized drawing of the VS III, with the date "Oct 31 1972" stamped in the upper right corner. The back cover shows drawings of VS III applications such as on aircraft, at a weather station, a doctor's office. The centerfold page shows a labeled diagram of the synthesizer's digital to analog conversion and a list of specifications. Text contents include: General specifications; Vocal Interface Equipment Group. Included with the brochure are three pages of additional information from the Vocal Interface Equipment Group. One is titled "Electronic News" and introduces the VS IV a miniaturized voice synthesizer. The same stylized drawing from the front cover of the VS III brochure appears in black on this newsletter reprint. Text contents include: See preview of first low-cost, miniaturized voice synthesizer. The two other papers are on the Vocal Interface Equipment Group letterhead. One provides a price list effective May 1, 1972, options, delivery, warranty with faint pencil marks of brackets and checks. The other is two pages and gives information about how to program the synthesizer and a list of keyboard commands and their phonetic equivalents. Text contents include: Programming the VS 4 Voice Synthesizer. Hand printed in pencil on the front page are notes, such as "clear, output," many others unreadable. Included is a postcard for Business Reply Mail with the address of Vocal Interface Equipment Group on the front and room for the name and address of the respondent on the back. Also included is a postcard insert that requests additional information and/or contact from the company.


Promotional Material


Federal Screw Works; I/O: sound and speech; Personal applications; VS IV Voice Synthesizer (Computer); VS III Voice Synthesizer (Computer); promotional materials; Fixed-application digital computer: other


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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