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Think IBM employee magazine It was to have been the Nuclear Age. It became...The Computer Age. The Evolution of IBM Computers

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This is a four color brochure about the evolution of the IBM computers. There are color and black and white photos scattered throughout the brochure. The front cover has a white background with the title on the page. Towards the bottom, left side of the brochure there are three overlapping circles and stacked vertically. They are each a different color, yellow, blue, and red, and they are pixilated. The blue circle takes the place of the "O" in COMPUTER in part of the title. The inside front cover has an introduction of IBM's first involvement in the field of electronic computers. Following is a brief introduction of IBM's evolution in the previous 25 years; this section is called "Fastest 25 Years." Following is an overview of the time period 1890-1946. This section is called "Wheel and levers The beginning of data processing." Following is a description about the introduction of the vacuum tube in the year 1946. Following is a description about the introduction of magnetic storage in the year 1953. Following is a description about the introduction of transistors in the year 1959. Following is a description of the IBM System/360 introduced 1964. There is a diagram of how the computer works. There is a subsection called "The evolution of programming" that describes the evolution of programming from hard wire programming to symbolic logic. Following is the description of the IBM System/ 370 introduced in 1970. The following is a description of the various uses and examples of computers. There is a diagram of the how computers have become faster, smaller and cheaper since the 1950's. Following is titled "Today. Tomorrow," reviewing past accomplishments and speculating future progress. The inside back cover has a 4 pictures arranged in a square. Each picture is a different computer component from the past on a black profile of a hand. The bottom left corner lists the creators and contributors to the brochure.




Herb Lubalin, cover design
Mitchell Funk, special-effects photography
Richard Bode, text
Will Hopkins, art director


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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Other number G-505-0029


26 p.


11 x 8 1/2

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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)


Promotional Material


Scientific applications; Hollerith, Herman; Component: vacuum tube; IBM System/370 (Computer); FORTRAN (Software); Pre-computer: punched card; Memory: tape; Memory: disk; Component: transistor; Fixed-application digital computer: industrial; Fixed-application digital computer: other; Military/Aerospace applications; Memory: core; promotional materials; BASIC (Software); COBOL (Software); International Business Machines Corporation (IBM); IBM System/360 (Computer); Memory: other; Digital computer; Digital computer: mainframe; I/O: keyboard; I/O: printer; Digital computer: portable / luggable

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