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Honeywell: The Multics System

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Honeywell Information Systems, Inc.


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Other number 14843
Other number 2276
Other number AK27, Rev. 2

20 p.

10 7/8 x 7 7/8 in.

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Honeywell Information Systems, Inc.


Three color catalog for the Honeywell Multics System Series 60 line, including Model 68/60 and Model 68/80. The front cover has a bullseye-type shape in multiple shades of orange and brown. The top edge banner reads "Honeywell The Multics System." The first page is a fold out with a brown background and black writing with closeup images of the computer and a paragraph entitled "An Advanced Concept for Fast, Secure Response to Customer Needs." Subsections in the interior include A Unique Business Problem-Solving Tool; Multics is Transaction Processing - and More; Computer Power That's Easy to Use; Security and Privacy; A Typical Example of Restricted Data; Multics User Interface; Dynamic Reconfiguration of Hardware Modules; Multics Virtual Memory; and User Productivity and Multics - Is It for You? The back pages are brown background with a pullout and a brief section on system configurations. A black and white graphic entitled "A typical Multics configuration" is on the back page. Black and white images of people working with the computer are scattered throughout the brochure.


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Honeywell Information Systems, Inc.; Business applications; promotional materials; Digital computer: mainframe; Multics Model 68/60 (Computer); Multics Model 68/80 (Computer); Software

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