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Foxboro FOX 1

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This is a four-color brochure of the Foxboro Fox 1 computer system. The front cover has a color photograph of the Fox 1 computer system. There is a date stamp of "JAN 29 1973" on the upper right quadrant of the cover. Color photographs scattered throughout the brochure. The inside front cover fold out to two pages, and is a color photograph of the Fox 1 control system by a lake in the woods. Following is a section called the equalizer. The fox 1 is a real-time system and has powerful pushbutton controls. Following is an introduction of the Fox 1 system. Following is a section that lists the advance features of the Fox 1. Included in this section is a diagram of the Fox 1 equipment complement. Following is a section about the improvements with the new console. Following is a section about the vast potential for plant control improvements. Subsections include Large, High-Visibility Display; Pinpoint Alarming; Flexible Formatting; Two keyboards: Engineer's and Operator's; High-Speed Hard Copies; Pen Recorders. The following section is about the multi-programming operating system. Subsections include Real-Time Executive; Input/Output Control System; File Manager; Console System Software; Job Processor; IMPAC control package. Following is a section about system implementation and utility software. Subsections include FORTRAN IV with optimizer; Assembly system; Plant-Language Macroprocessor (MAX); Link Editor; The Debug Monitor; System Library; Console Support Services; Error Handling Package; Exhaustive Diagnostics; Systems Generation Package. Following is a section describing the rugged industrial design. Following is a section on the program security. Following is a section on data integrity. Following is a section on system performance safeguards. The following is a section called "IMPAC gives extremely versatile loop control." Subsections include Control strategies; Output strategies; Higher level supervision. Following is section called "unchallenged on-line power." Following is a section about the experience of Foxboro. Subsections include profit making systems in every industry; experience in every facet of implementation; a pacesetter in equipment and techniques; the world's leading control resources. Following is a list of hardware specifications for the central processor; peripheral complement; operator's and engineer's consoles. Following are the characteristics of the Digital Multiplexer System and Analog Input System.





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Other number L-33-10M


21 p.


11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Fixed-application digital computer: industrial; Digital computer: minicomputer; Foxboro; Wallace, P.R.; Software; promotional materials; Scientific applications; Business applications; FOX 1 System (Computer); Fortran IV (Software)

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