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Remington Rand UNIVAC 120 advertisement

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Remington Rand Univac Division of Sperry Rand Corporation


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Other number TM1010

8 p.

11 7/8 x 8 7/8 in.

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Remington Rand Univac Division of Sperry Rand Corporation


This is a four-color brochure for the Remington Rand UNIVAC 120. The front cover has an illustration of colored balls connected by rods. On the yellow ball there is a color illustration of a woman using a UNIVAC 120. To the left of the illustration is a black and white line drawing of a horse. The title is printed on the bottom center. Color photographs scattered throughout the brochure. The inside cover has the UNIVAC 120 name printed. Along the top there is a slogan printed, which continues onto the next page, "new controlà new insightà new profitsà with punched-card ELECTRONICS." Above the slogan are five blue balls connected by lines, which look like a molecular model. On the bottom right there is a picture of a globe with circles drawn around it. The first part is a list of a four profitable aspects of the UNIVAC 120, which are Streaks through your routine figure work procedures in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost; Delivers the reports you want when you want them û spotlights profit opportunities at once; Digs deeper into you workaday figures û comes up with solutions to management control problems; Produces large-scale surveys, analyses and reports impossible with conventional methods. Following is a section that describes areas that the UNIVAC 120 exceeds in, which are Speed; Versatility; Accuracy; Ease-of-Use. Under the sub-section Speed, it states that the sensing punching unit can read 150 cards per minute and the computing unit can compute 360,000 additions or subtractions an hour. Under the sub-section Versatility it states that the UNIVAC 120 can operate multiple functions, which include summarize card data; carry balances forward; reproduce numbers or letters from master cards into details cards; segregate. Under the subsection Accuracy it states that the UNIVAC 120 automatically verifies every internal calculation and assures procedural accuracy. Under the subsection Ease-of-Use there it states that setup time is reduced and machine room personnel can take over UNIVAC 120 in a week or two. Following is a section that lists and describes various applications of the UNIVAC 120. Subsections include Payroll; Market Analysis; Production Control; Property Records; Billing and Sales Analysis; Engineering; Policy Analysis; Inventory; Cost Analysis; Budget Control. Following is a section that lists of examples of the savings from average UNIVAC 120 users. Examples included are from industries such as manufacturer; public utility; insurance company; pipeline operator; tax office; nationwide distributor; county.


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Punched cards; Remington Rand Univac

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