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Systron-Donner Analog Computers

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Systron-Donner Corporation


16 p.

11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Systron-Donner Corporation


This is a three-hole punched, four-color brochure for the Systron-Donner Series 10/20 û 40/80 analog computers. The front cover is comprised of two pages that fold out. It has a black and white photograph of the Systron-Donner 40/80 computer in the foreground and a black and white photograph of the SD 10/20 in the background. The company logo is on the center top of the first page of the cover. In the top right corner of the first page there is a date stamp of "FEB 11 1969." Black and white photographs scattered throughout the brochure. The inside cover has a black and white photographs of the SD 40/80 and SD 10/20 in a blue box on the bottom third of the two pages. In the very top left corner there is a company logo. The top part has bulleted features of the series. The first part is a Quick Reference Selection Guide. Following is a section about the convenience in patching and problem set-up. Included is a black and white diagram illustrating the Integrator. Also included is a diagra


Promotional Material


promotional materials; SD 10/20 (Computer); SD 40/80 (Computer); Component: circuit board / module; Analog computer; Systron-Donner Corporation; Military/Aerospace applications; Educational applications


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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