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The Advantages of the Ferranti Sirius Computer

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This is a four-color brochure for the Ferranti Sirius Computer. The front cover has a color illustration of the displays and keyboard. To the right of the illustration is a red background with the title printed on it. The inside front cover has a black and white photograph of the basic Sirius Computer. The first part is a title page with a table of contents. Following is an introduction of the computer. Following is a description of the size and installation requirements. The computer takes up about 25 sq. feet of floor space and consumes only 600 watts. Included is a black and white photograph of a woman using the computer. Following is a description of the design features. Subsections include Sirius operates in the serial mode; To make the machine as easy as possible to operate; multiple accumulators; delay-line storage; The store of Sirius has been made readily extendable; The operating speed; New transistorized logical elements; The electronic circuits of Sirius are entirely of plug-in package construction. Included is a black and white illustration of a tape editing equipment. Following is description of input and output for Sirius. There are ten input and output channels. The paper tape equipment and punched card equipment are some of the input/output machines available. Following is a description of error detecting facilities. The first subsection is the malfunctioning of equipment, which is broken down into The input/output checking for paper tape; The punched card input/output checking; The checking of the storage system. The following subsections are Errors by the operator and Numbers going out of range. Following section is about the integration of Sirius with existing techniques and equipments. Subsections include The Autocode; The input and output channels; Tape editing equipment. Included in this section is a black and white photograph of the rear view of the computer. The following section is about the maintenance of the Sirius. The following section is about the Ferranti library services. The following section is about programming highlights of Sirius. Included in this section is a black and white photograph of a delay tray with the cover removed and the front and back of a neuron compartment. Following is Appendix A, Sirius Basic Instruction Code. Following is Appendix B, The Tape Code. Following is Appendix C, Process Control Applications. This section includes a diagram of a possible process-control system using Sirius. Following is Appendix D, Additional Equipment. Following is Appendix E, A Machine Code Programme. Appendix F, An Autocode Programme.




Ferranti Ltd.

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10 1/4 x 8 in.

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Ferranti Limited


Promotional Material


promotional materials; Autocode Programme (Software); Digital computer: mainframe; I/O: terminal / Teletype; I/O: punched card; Ferranti Sirius (Computer); Ferranti Limited; I/O: paper tape

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