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RCA Spectra 70: Data gathering system

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RCA Corporation Information Systems

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Other number 80-70-074


11 p.


10 7/8 x 8 1/2 in.

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RCA Corporation. Information Systems


This is a four-color brochure for the RCA Spectra 70 Data Gathering System. The front cover has a clear plastic cover with an illustration of the Spectra 70 in brown and black and then a traditional cover beneath it. On the clear plastic there are white arrows pointing to the computer and the RCA logo is on the lower left quadrant. Underneath the plastic cover is another cover that has a black background and another illustration of the Spectra 70 which is in brown and white, with some of the number keys in red. It also has an illustration of punch cards on the bottom half of the computer. The title is on the top of the cover, with "RCA SPECTRA 70" in white and "DATA GATHERING SYSTEM" in red. The inside front cover has a color photograph of the Spectra 70. The first part is an introduction of RCA's Data Gathering System that can transmit data electronically to the Spectra 70 computer or a stand-alone controller. There is a handwritten notation on the top right corner "1/70." Following is a page of illustration in black and brown. There are eight circular illustrations which are a portion of a clock; drill; shipping tag; dollar sign; t-square; too crib; vehicle; paper. Following is the section DGS/ ON THE JOB. The subsections include DGS is a pipeline for informationà; Production costs and work measurement; Job lot production status; Attendance reporting; Quality control; stockroom, warehouse, tool crib. Following is the section DGS/ A MODULAR SYSTEM. Following is an illustration showing the modularity of the system. The illustration includes the Spectra 70 and RCA badge reader in brown. There is also an illustration of an employee badge and punched card in brown. There are captions for the employee badge reader, punched card reader and variable entry. Following is a page with 8 circular black and white photographs tinted brown, the portion of the photograph of the computer is un-tinted. The photographs are of people using the computer. The following is the section DGS/ EASY AND ACCURATE. Following is a section DGS/ EMPHASIS ON COMMUNICATION. Following is the Data Gathering System specifications. The inside back cover is brown with illustration in white of the Data gathering system and various components.


Promotional Material


promotional materials; Data Gathering System (Software); Digital computer: mainframe; RCA Spectra 70 (Computer); RCA Information Systems; Software


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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