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NCR CRAM: Card random access memory

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This is a three-hole punched, yellow, black and white brochure for NCR CRAM (Card Random Access Memory). The front cover has mustard yellow color bar on the top portion which has the title printed on it. Underneath there are black and mustard yellow stripes until half way down the cover. The bottom half of the cover has a black and white photograph of two hands with a card in black between the hands. The company logo is on the bottom right corner of the cover. Black and white photographs scattered throughout the brochure. The inside cover has a picture of a woman in front of the card reader, next to here there is a caption "a new generation in external memory." The first part is an introduction of CRAM as new random access device. Following is a section describing operating principles, so one can appreciate the speed, power and flexibility provided by CRAM. Subsections include storage media; loading; card selection; card drop; read-write operation. Following is a section describing computer routines. The first routine is sorting. This sub-section includes an illustration of the manner in which computers rearrange data into sequential order, which is called a two way merge. This sub-section is concluded with the advantages of using CRAM than other mediums. The second routine is file updating. This section has an illustration of how magnetic tapes approach to updating, which is called "father-son" technique, and another illustration of how CRAM handles this same operation. This sub-section is concluded with the advantages of using CRAM due to its file updating flexibility. Following is a description of CRAM's real-time processing. Following is a description of remote inquiry. The brochure concludes with the advantage and specifications of CRAM.




National Cash Register Company (NCR)

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Other number SP-1555-F6RRR


24 p.


10 7/8 x 8 3/8 in.

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NCR Corporation


Promotional Material


promotional materials; Business applications; Memory: other; CRAM (Card Random Access Memory); NCR Corporation


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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