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Flip Book: IBM System/360 Computer brochure, On April 7, 1964 …

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International Business Machines Corporation. Data Processing Division. (IBM)


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Other number 520-0958

4 p.

11 1/8 x 8 in.

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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)


This is a fold out four-color brochure of the IBM SYSTEM/ 360. The front cover has a red background and has a photograph of a hand holding a microchip in between the thumb and forefinger. The inside cover and adjacent page has a color photograph of four people surrounded by a computer and components. They are standing behind the console and teletype. The four people are (left to right) a man holding blue prints; a man looking at a book; a man in a hard hat measuring something; a woman talking on the phone. Following is a section about the problems that the IBM System/ 360 would solve. Subsections include Solves commercial problems; Solves scientific/engineering problems; Solved control problems; Solves communication problems. Next to each subsection is a color photograph of each of the four people in the previous photograph. Following is a section that features the new components of the system. Subsections include More power per square inch; Larger memories speed problem solving; New computer architecture multiplies uses; Custom fit the system to the job. Following is a section about how the System/ 360 fills all data processing needs. Included in this section is a photograph of the computer arranged in a circle, with the console in the center.


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promotional materials; Business applications; Scientific applications; Software; International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Data Processing Division; IBM SYSTEM/ 360 (Computer); Digital computer: mainframe; Product announcement; Brochure

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