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Tektronix 4051: New Low-Cost BASIC Graphic Computing System

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Tektronix, Inc.

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10 7/8 x 8 3/8 in.

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This is a four-color brochure for the Tektronix 4051 BASIC Graphic Computing System. The front cover has a color photograph of a man typing on a keyboard of a Tektronix 4051. The monitor displays a graph. In the background there are people working. On the bottom right corner there is the company logo. In the upper left quadrant there is a sticker of a business card for "Les Peterson, Sales Engineer" of the Tektronix company. Color photographs scattered throughout the brochure. The first part is an introduction to the Tektronix 4051, with an emphasis on integration of graphic capabilities with the computer system. Following is a section stating the advantages to using the system. The advantages are a reduce time-sharing, even possible elimination; use as a super-calculator, generating graphs; being a mini-system means low cost. The following section is named "Advantages you can seeà" Subsections include Full 128 character set ASCII keyboard; Multiple fonts; 10 user-definable keys; 11"-diagnal direct view storage CRT; Magnetic tape unit; IEEE standard 488-1975-compatible interface; ROM backpack; printer output option; 5 keys/10 functions for program editing; AUTO NUMBER key; STEP key; Numeric keypad; Tape and Hard Copy controls. This section includes a color photograph of the computer; each component in this section has a line drawn to its location on the photograph. Following is a section elaborating on the programming functionality, which includes extended BASIC language and standard BASIC commands. Following is a section called "Doubled by data communications capability." Subsections include You can literally multiply the capabilities of your 4051; The communications option; The potential is enormous. Following is a section called "Graphics comes free, BASIC comes easy." Subsections for software that is free TUTORIAL Program; The PLOT-50 Programming Manual; The 4051 Operator's Manual; The 4051 Reference Manual; The PLOT-50 Graphics Manual; PLOT-50 Graphics Software; System Verification Software. Software packages that need to be purchased separately are Statistics; Mathematics; Electrical engineering. The following section is named "There's capability to build on," which describes the peripherals. The subsections include The unique 4631 Hard Copy Unit; The 4924 Digital Cartridge Tape Drive; The 4641 Printer; The 4662 Interactive Digital Plotter; The 4952 Option 2 Joystick. The following section describes the general purpose interface, which include RS-232-c Printer Interface; Data Communications Interface and firmware module; optional accessories. Following is the section named "Plus working agreements," which describes the services provided by Tektronix. On the inside back cover there are technical specifications for the computer.


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promotional materials; BASIC (Software); I/O: plotter; Graphics applications; I/O: printer; Fixed-application digital computer; I/O: pointing: joystick; I/O: keyboard; Tektronix 4051 (Computer); Tektronix; Digital computer

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