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840 the loaded nova

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Data General Corporation (DGC)

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Other number 012-000058


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11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Data General Corporation (DGC)


This is a black and white brochure for the Data General Corporation Nova 840. The front cover is grey with the title in black on the top except for "840," which is in white. The company logo is on the bottom center of the cover. The top right corner has a date stamp "JUL 12 1973." The inside cover has a black and white photograph of the Penn Central Railroad's Selkirk yards. A caption for the photograph states that a Data General computer controls the power switches. The first part is an introduction to the Loaded Nova, which is the Nova 840 and a powerful combination of software/hardware capabilities. Following is a black and white photograph of four Data General Computers controlling 720 ore reductions pots in Intalco Aluminum Corporation. Following is about real-time control. Subsections include system integrity; file security; programming in high-level languages; redundant systems; input/output, information display; computer numerical control (CNC); numerical control subsystems; parts programming for NC machines. Following is a black and white photograph of man using a Data General Computer at the Protestant Guild for the Blind in Watertown, Massachusetts. Following is a section about timesharing. Subsections include interactive timesharing for business, science, and education; accounting features; BASIC language extensions; growth. Following is a black and white photograph of silverware at the World Tableware International factory. The caption states the company created a system around a Data General for order-entry, invoicing, shipping, inventory and sales analysis. Following is a section on data processing. Subsections include Batch processing; remote job entry; scientific computation. Following is a black and white photograph of a truck trailers at Fruehauf Corporation. The caption states that the company uses a Data General computer in data communication system among its field offices. Following is the section data communication. Subsections include front end processor; remote concentrator; message switcher; information storage; display and hard-copy. Following is a black and white photograph of the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida. The caption states that eight Nova computers run a simulation system to train U.S. Navy flight officers. Following is a section about the systems building. Subsections include efficient program development; run-time software support; flexible configurations; a broad product line; product reliability. Following is a description of the NOVA 840 features. Subsections include MEMORY MANAGEMENT AND PROTECTION UNIT; REAL-TIME DISC OPERATION SYSTEM; FORTRAN 5; BATCH; REMOTE JOB ENTRY; TIMESHARING BASIC; ALGOL; FLOATING POINT PROCESSOR. Included in the brochure is a postcard tear-off. The postcard is for those that want to get more information or wish to be contact by the Data General Corporation.


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promotional materials; Digital computer: minicomputer; NOVA 840 (Computer); FORTRAN 5 (Software); Educational applications; Scientific applications; Software; Fortran IV (Software); Data General Corporation (DG); Business applications


Gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz

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