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Commodore 64

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Commodore Computer

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Other number 0782100M
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6 p.


4 x 9 in.

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Commodore Computer


The brochure features the Commodore 64 as a low-priced microcomputer with advanced personal computer features. The brochure is printed in full color on white paper with color photographs throughout of the Commodure 64. The front cover has a blue background; the back cover is white. The centerfold shows a chart comparing the features of the Commodore 64 with other computers (Apple II, IBM PC, Tandy TRS-80, Atari 800), color photographs of computer hardware, and and screen shots of games and programs. Text contents of the brochure include: For $595, you can get what nobody else can give you for twice the price.; The 64, quite simply, has no competition. As a quick look at our competition will tell you.; With a computer that's light years ahead of its compeition, we thought it appropriate that its software should be at least a few years ahead.; Why did the 64 come from Commodore and not somebody else? Because we make our own chips.; Oh, by the way, the 64 just so happens to be the most brilliant game machine you can buy.; What does the Commodore 64 do? What do you want to do?; For about $100 extra, the Commodore 64 can get information and programs from multi-million dollar computers.; Commodore 64 systems specifications.


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Commodore Computer; Entertainment/Gaming applications; BASIC (Software); Software; Commodore 64 (Computer); promotional materials; Digital computer : personal

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