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Bendix G-15 General Purpose Digital Computer

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Bendix Corporation


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Other number AB-059-RO460

4 p.

11 x 8 1/2 in.

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Bendix Corporation


A four color brochure for the Bendix G-15. The front cover has a yellow background and features a woman sitting at a terminal opposite the G-15. The heading reads "Powerful, low cost... easy to use." The pages of the brochure are loose. The first page offers an explanation about why "The basic G-15 computer is a complete computer... with many extra features." Beneath this section is a labeled photograph of a woman holding a tape magazine as she approaches the G-15. The alphanumeric typewriter is in the background. Subsections of the brochure include "Bendix G-15 Applications;" "Bendix G-15 Punched Card and Tabulator Coupler;" "About the G-15;" "Automatic Programming with Simplified New Techniques;" and "Accessories." The section listing applications suggests that the G-15 can be used in a variety of fields: aviation; business data processing; civil engineering; crystallography; geodetics and navigation; hydrology; industrial research; machine tool industry; mathematical analysis; nuclear research; the optical industry; the petroleum industry; the textile industry; and universities. Accessories for the G-15 include an auxiliary photoelectric paper tape reader, punched card and tabulator coupler, multi-code paper tape reader, universal code accessory, magnetic tape unit, punched card coupler, digital differential analyzer, auxiliary paper tape punch, and a graph plotter. A perforated business reply card is included with the brochure, attached to a literature list. The back cover lists the locations of sales offices.


Promotional Material


G-15 (Computer); promotional materials; I/O: plotter; G-15 Alphanumeric Typewriter; Business applications; I/O: paper tape; Digital computer: other; I/O: punched card; Bendix Corporation (CDC); Educational applications

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