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Blue Macintosh Team

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Color image of the Blue Macintosh Team. The group consists of 68 people, al l wearing white shirts and gathered in the Apple DeAnza 3 Atrium.
There are trees in the background and a small pool in the foreground on the left side. The flooring is brick. The majority of the group is standing, but 12 members are seated in the front and one man is lying on his right side in the center front. Below the group, in white text, is the following: "Blue Macintosh Team August 31, 1988." Pictured are Gifford Calenda, Donn Denman, Charlie Oppenheimer, Charlton Lui, Brenda Rodgers, Mike Potel, Curt Biinchi, John Meier, Bill Bruffey, Jay Moreland, Rich Castro, Deanna Thomas, Steve Friedrich, Nick Kledzik, Ann Greyson, Ed Tecot, Celia Vigil, Amy Rosenstock, Phac LeTuan, Jay Patel, Nik Bhatt, Mike Hanlon, Laurie Girand, Erich Ringwald, Sieve Horowitz, Karen Eberl, Lynn Lakota, Susan Bartalo, Dave Feldman, Sedge Bekkala, Sam Weiss, Cindy Frost, Jeff Hokit, Paul Mercer, Helen Miller, Andy Gong, Bruce MacKey, Brian McGhie, Maura McNamara, Lee Collins, Bryan Stearns, Scott Douglass, Dave Van Brink, Steve Goldberg, Dave Owens, Jerry Katzung, Carl Hewitt, David Wong, Bob Herold, Gary Davidian, Dave Fung, Jim Batson, Bruce Leak, Steve Smith, Alan Lee, Amy Raport, Andy Axelrod, Joe Buczek, Ken Feehan, Bruce Jones, Dave Opstad, Peter Young, Mike Reed, Mike Fairman, Will Stein, Cary Clark, Darin Adler, and Karl B. Young.




Apple Computer, Inc.


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


Group portrait


Apple Computer, Inc.; Macintosh (Computer)


Gift of CHM AppleLore

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