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Homebrew S-100 bus system

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Physical object


ca. 1977


8 1/2 x 15 3/4 x 25 in.


Object is a large and elaborate, hand-crafted system comprising: A case of plywood with round and rectangular, screened vent ports. A front panel with power switch, pilot lights, and various connectors. A large home-brew power supply. A motherboard with some S-100 connectors and some with additional pins. Eight circuit cards, three from Digital Group and the rest apparently home-brew
The craftsmanship of the homebrew circuit cards is striking: there are delicate hand-made copper heat-sinks and hundreds of wire-wrap connections. The object clearly represents hundreds of hours of highly skilled labor. This was probably not a general-purpose computer but rather specialized for analog/digital work, as suggested by the unique connectors labelled "16 Channel A/D" on the front panel. No information available about the builder or any dates.


Digital computer/personal computer/desktop