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Technical reports for 1954

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Algebraic Synthesis of Logical Feedback Nets

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Bondeze Magentic Wire for Memory-Plane Construction

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Core Drivers - Model V and Model VI Applications, Limitations and Modifications

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Core memory Using External Bit Selection

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Current Calibrator (Chopper Model)

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Description of Memory Test Setup VI

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Magnetic Core Shift Register Evaluator

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Sensing winding Geometry and Information Patterns

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Smoothing of Samples of a Function and its Derivative in the Presence of Noise

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Some results on the Transmission of Pulses over Telephone Lines

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Stress Effects in Ferrites and Generalization of Switching Coefficient for Non-Square Materials

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Test results on the DCL Memory Plane

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Thoughts on Incremental Permeability

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X-Ray Equipment for Magnetic Research

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Brown, Norman; Raffel, Jack I.; Childress, James D.; Smulowicz, Bronislaw; Harrington, John V.; Rosen, Paul; Speath, Daniel A.; Schultz, Carl J.; Guidtz, E.A.; Tuomi, D.; Vianl, F.E.; Childress, James D.; Bowen, Andrew; Guidtz E.A.; Jeffrey, Richard C.; Guidtz E.A.; Goodenough, John B.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Technical report

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MIT Computing Projects

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Technical Reports General

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