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BIPER-3 walker

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Still Image


This is a black and white image of a two legged robot mounted on a wooden stand against a white background. The robot is in a walking position with its right leg in front of the left leg. Written on the recto side of white cardboard material in pencil is "BIPER-3" at the botttom right corner. Written on verso side of white cardboard material in pencil is "Biper-3 walker Tokyo Institute of Technology". On the small white/ivory piece of paper affixed on the white cardboard material and below the image is "Page No. 18A Size% 36 Cust. or Job No. 9754d Hillite Density 11 C.M. 133 Line Shadow Density 180". Written on the tracing overlay paper in black pen ink is "Reduce to 35% FS 3 8/16 2 1/8" and is underlined twice and "18A". There are blue lines drawn in pencil in shaped of two rectangles nested one inside the other directly on top of the print image underneath the overlay. There are diagonal blue lines drawn connecting the vertices of each of the corners in the box to form a criss cross pattern. Written in blue pencil on overlay tracing paper is "2 1/8", "7 7/16", and "6 1/8". Written on the yellow post it note is "72%".

Place of Publication

Tokyo, Japan


10 x 8 in.


Photographic print


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph




Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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